Which Dog Breed Has Topped the List as the Most Popular in America?

 Although we don’t like to discriminate against dogs – because they are arguably one of the best animals that we have on this planet – there’s no doubt about the fact that certain dogs are more popular than others. That’s because all dogs are different, and they all come with their own qualities that entice pet owners across the globe. The American Kennel Club analyzes trends every single year to work out which particular breed is the most popular of them all, and the winner might surprise you.

The big winner

While the winner may surprise some people, it might not be too much of a shock for those who own this breed. That’s because the Labrador retriever has not only come in at number one in 2020, but it’s actually taken had this crown on its adorable head for the 29th year in a row! It seems as though people just can’t get enough of this breed, and the American Kennel Club registry has seen this for themselves over the course of the past few decades.

A wonderful breed

There are so many reasons why people choose to add Labrador retrievers to their families, and it’s not just because they are adorable to look at. This breed is perfect for adults and children alike, as they are extremely friendly and known for having an extremely stable temperament, which means that young families and older people don’t have to worry about them being aggressive to them or other people in their household. Alongside this, they are also known for being easy to train, which is what many novice dog owners want from a pet.

A popular dog

You have probably seen a fair few Labrador retrievers around over the years because they are extremely popular. Families add them to their broods, elderly people choose them as their companion, and even celebs have welcomed Labrador retrievers to their high-class lifestyle. In fact, the likes of Jennifer Garner and Jimmy Fallon have both become owners of Labrador retrievers, and it seems as though they love them more than anything. Jimmy’s dog even makes regular appearances on his talk show.

The runners-up

Of course, the American Kennel Club hasn’t just focused on the number one top spot. They have also been able to work out which dogs sit within the top ten, and which ones are more popular in the United States. These include the golden retriever, the German shepherd, the French bulldog, and even the Pembroke Welsh corgi. While almost all of them have been in the top ten for decades, this is the first year that the corgi has made its way into the top ten. We have a feeling that the Queen would be pretty happy about that, as they are her favorite breed of dog.

Whether you have a Labrador retriever yourself, or whether you’re considering getting one, you’ll be happy to know that you have the most popular dog in America. That’s definitely something to be proud of – so why not give your pooch an extra treat tonight?

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