Which Breeds of Hamster Are the Friendliest and Most Sociable?

 Whether you’re looking to add another hamster to your brood or whether you’re gearing up to welcome your first hamster into your life, it’s important to understand that there are various different hamster breeds. While there are countless factors that impact their friendliness – including their gender, their living conditions, and any potential former owners – their breed is perhaps one of the biggest indicators of their friendliness. Yes, these are the most friendly and most sociable hamsters that this world has to offer.

Syrian hamsters

If you’re looking for a large hamster that’s also extremely friendly and fairly easy to train, then a Syrian hamster may be the pet for you. They are one of the most popular breeds of hamsters out there because they are incredibly cute, but they are also big enough to not get lost around the house, and easier to hold in your hands if you want some one-on-one cuddle time with your fluffy friend. It’s important to note that Syrian hamsters should be kept in their cage alone, though. While this means that you can’t have a second hamster, it does mean that they rely more on their owners – making them much more friendly.

Chinese hamsters

Chinese hamsters are super friendly when they come out of their shell, but that really does depend on how you interact with it. Many owners have noted that they are extremely shy and timid and that it takes a while to gain their trust and to embrace their full friendliness. Nevertheless, they make amazing pets, and they actually survive pretty well in groups. Because of this, they are the best hamsters if you want a few of them, or if you just want to add another to add to your brood. However, if they do start to fight with your other hamster, be sure to separate them as soon as this bad blood starts to show itself.

Dwarf hamsters

Dwarf hamsters are known for being extremely small, which makes these little guys totally adorable – and they’re also pretty fast. This means that you need a quick hand if you want to keep these hamsters in check, as they love to scuttle around at some seriously impressive speeds. They also tend to be extremely friendly, because they rely on their owners to ensure their survival. They will cuddle up to you, they will run all over you, and they will shower you with affection. While this is mostly because they want their food and treats, that’s basically the case for all animals, right? They all want treats, and they’ll do anything to get them. For the friendliest dwarf hamster around, it’s best to choose a Campbell or winter white hamster, and perhaps stay away from the Roborovskis.

If you’re looking for a friendly and sociable hamster, then you’ve come to the right place. These three hamster breeds are known to be some of the best around, and we have no doubts about the fact that they will make a great addition to your household.

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