What Is The Right Tortoise For You?

 Have you found yourself wondering what the right tortoise is for you? There are more than 60 species of tortoise, and only some of these can be kept as pets. Each of them comes with their own personality and needs, so it’s best to do your homework before welcoming your new pet to your home.

Leopard tortoise

This breed of tortoise is popular due to the striking markings. Leopard tortoises are also pretty large, so if you want a substantial addition to the home, then it might be time to look at a leopard tortoise. They don’t hibernate, meaning they are great as all-year pets, but we warned, leopard tortoises don’t like to be handled too much.

Indian star tortoise

These tortoises earned their name thanks to the star-like shapes on their shells. There are rumors that they are a fragile species, but Indian star tortoises thrive in the right setup. They are another breed that doesn’t need to hibernate, so they are perfect year-round pets. Just be sure to take things slow as some Indian star tortoises can be a little shy until they get to know their owners.

Horsefield tortoise

Horsefields are one of the smallest tortoises on the market as they grow between six and nine inches long. Once again, they are a great beginner tortoise but aren’t the most active. Horsefields tend to spend most of their time digging into a corner of their table but will get bursts of speed where they zoom around their enclosure. Owners of horsefields need to make sure they have enough substrate to help with their digging needs.

Spur-thighed tortoise

Spur-thighed tortoises are thought to be the easiest breed to care for. They are largely available in many reptile stores, are pretty active, and only grow to around 10-inches-long. Being smaller makes them great as indoor pets, and they thrive in the right setup.

Hermann’s tortoise

Here we have another great beginner’s tortoise: the Hermann’s tortoise. They only reach around seven-inches-long making them perfect for people that want a smaller breed. They are usually more colorful than spur-thighed tortoises and are a pretty hardy breed.

Sulcata tortoise

Sulcata, or African spurred tortoises, are pretty common and inexpensive. They make great pets, but people need to remember that they get pretty large. Their size? Up to 32 inches long and 200 pounds in weight. This tortoise needs a lot of care as they are very active and can be pretty destructive if left to it. Investing in a sulcata tortoise means that you need to be prepared for a large addition that will probably be happiest in a converted shed in the yard.

They might look like a pet rock, but tortoises are full of personality. Each breed comes with their own personality traits and needs. Learning about the right tortoise for you means that you could soon be welcoming one of these shelled beauties into your life. It might not be long before you find yourself wondering how you lived without them for so long.

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