These Might Just Be The Friendliest Pet Birds

 When it comes to pets, most of us want a companion who will love us back. Not everyone thinks of birds as cuddly pets, but it seems we may have been wrong all this time. In fact, these might just be the friendliest pet birds on the market.

Hahn’s macaw

Being the smallest macaw doesn’t mean the Hahn’s macaw lacks personality. In fact, it seems this species has even more to bring to the table thanks to their playful characters. To top it off, the breed is usually gentle once they have been tamed and are used to their owners. Just be sure to spend plenty of time with your macaw, or they might get depressed due to a lack of attention.


There is a reason that so many people keep pet budgies across the world. As well as being great for beginners, this breed of pet bird is also one of the friendliest on the market, perfect for someone looking to build a bond with their new pet. Did you know that budgies can also be taught how to talk?

Green-cheeked conure

There is probably no wondering how the green-cheeked conure earned their name. The breed is known for being playful, mischievous, and social with their owners, but the green-cheeked conure tends to be a little quieter than their cousins. Sadly, they can’t talk. Still, these birds are great additions to most homes.


Some of us want to welcome a larger bird into our lives while still having one that’s friendly, and that’s where the cockatoo comes in. They are beautiful additions and usually build a strong bond with their owners, meaning they love to spend as much of their day with them as possible. Of course, this does mean that cockatoo owners have to dedicate a large portion of their day to their pet.

Hyacinth macaw

There is a reason the hyacinth macaw is often called the “gentle giant.” You guessed it; they are one of the friendliest pet birds on the market. These birds love to cuddle and play with their owners, meaning they need someone with a lot of spare time. Plus, hyacinth macaws are pretty large, so any potential owner requires a lot of space.


They’re cute, they’re fairly easy in terms of care, and they’re one of the friendliest pet birds on the market. Does it get any better when it comes to a parrotlet? They are a little more time-demanding than other pet birds, as parrotlets have a tendency to revert to their wild side if they don’t have enough interaction with their owners. That said, they usually form strong bonds with their caretakers.

There are so many pet bird options out there in the world, meaning it can be tough to choose the perfect one. What if you want one of the friendliest pet birds on the market? Thankfully, there are plenty of options that should be enough to suit everyone’s needs as they look for the perfect new addition for the family.

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