These Are The Quietest Pet Birds On The Market

 Birds can make excellent pets for a host of reasons. Perhaps you want to welcome one into your home, but you’re worried about the noise upsetting the neighbors? Have no fear; these are the quietest pet birds on the market.


Cockatiels are one of the larger breeds when it comes to the quietest pet birds on the market. They are still a pretty vocal bird, but most of them never get too loud, especially when compared to their other more vocal cousins. Thankfully, cockatiels know how to entertain as they quickly pick up noises and tunes from around the house, so it’s common to hear them whistling along to their favorite song or sound.


While they might be one of the quietest pet birds on the market, canaries aren’t as easy as they seem on the outside. They have come a long way since their days in the mines, but they still aren’t overly happy to be around people. Most canaries prefer to be left to their own devices with as little handling as possible. This means they prefer larger cages with plenty of room to spread their wings and fly. To top it off, canaries are solitary birds.


Doves are often overlooked when it comes to looking for a new pet. However, they can be brilliant additions to any home, especially as they’re one of the quietest breeds of birds. They are sweet and gentle creatures who spend most of their day gently cooing to themselves. Just be warned: the cooing doesn’t really stop the entire time they are awake, so while it might not be loud, it’s a constant noise that new owners have to learn to live with.


It can be easy to think that only parrots know how to talk. Amazingly, budgies can also learn how to say a few words if they’re given the proper training. Many of them are known to chatter to themselves throughout the day, but being so small means that budgies can never make too much noise at once. They are very social and playful pet birds, meaning they usually form a strong bond with their owners. However, being so intelligent means that budgies need a lot of stimulation.


Finches are small birds with even smaller voices, meaning they are the perfect addition for anyone looking for a quiet bird by their side. Most of the noises they make come in tiny peeps and chirps, meaning that even a small flock of finches never make too much noise. Although they make great pets for owners looking for a more hands-off approach, finches crave company, so you may have to invest in a large cage and some friends for your pet.

When looking for birds, thinking about the noise they will make is usually something at the top of the list of priorities. Thankfully, the quietest pet birds on the market mean we can have our feathered friends without adding too much extra noise to the family – or the neighborhood.

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