These Are The Best Cat Breeds For Apartments

 If you’re fortunate enough to be allowed pets in your apartment, cats could be an excellent choice to go for. They’re less hassle because they’re typically capable of doing their own thing while also being loving enough to give you attention when it suits them. However, you’ll want to ensure you get a breed that can thrive in a smaller environment.

American shorthair

If you work from your apartment, the American shorthair could be a good breed to go with. That’s because they’re easy going cats that enjoy socializing with humans, so the more time they have to spend with you, the better. That’s not to say they can’t be independent when required, though. They can easily keep themselves occupied with toys and window-watching when you have tasks you need to get on with.


When you live in an apartment several stories up, you typically need a cat that can handle being stuck inside all of the time. An exotic fits the bill nicely for that because these cats are one of the less active breeds. Although they have bursts of energy that they can burn off with toys, they’re happy to spend a lot of their time relaxing. What’s more, they’re usually quite affectionate, so you can expect your lap to be their seat of choice from time to time.

Maine coon

These might be one of the bigger cat breeds around, but that doesn’t mean they demand huge spaces to thrive. A Maine coon can cope just fine in an apartment, especially if you’re not around often. While they love socializing, they don’t require a significant amount of attention because they know how to look after themselves. As long as you provide them with stuff to stay entertained, they won’t start tearing up your apartment. Just make sure to show them some love whenever you are home so they can fulfill their social need.


This is another good choice if you’re going to be in the apartment most of the day. Birmans are lovable lap cats that don’t care how much space they have, as long as they’re with their favorite people. You’ll want to engage their playful side at times to keep them active and ensure they don’t start misbehaving. However, a lot of the time, they’ll be content just to sit nearby and enjoy being in your presence.


Persians are a breed seemingly made for apartments. They love their R&R, preferring to chill out wherever’s available instead of climbing everything. They’re also content whether humans are around or not. So, if you’re home, they’re happy to be affectionate with you. However, if you’re out a lot, they’re just as satisfied with enjoying the peace and quiet. They’re the best of both worlds.

Finding a breed that can thrive in your home environment is essential, no matter where you live. However, it’s particularly important in apartments, given that your pet will likely be restricted to staying indoors. Make the right decision, and the two of you should live in harmony for years.

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