The Top Strangest Cat Behaviors Explained At Last

 Cats are great, but let’s be honest; they can also be a little weird. If you’re forever wondering what your cat is doing and thinking, then it could be time to take a look at the top strangest cat behaviors explained at last. It turns out a lot is going on between those ears after all.

Covering their litter box

Believe it or not, but cats communicate through their litter box. Others can tell if there is a cat around and a little about who used the box last. That’s why it’s recommended that a cat has a litter box of its own, even if they live in the same house. Cats typically learn how to leave their litter box from their mothers, with domestic cats being praised for covering their offerings for generations.

Covering their food and drink

Some cats cover their food. Others? They leave it well alone. For cats that do cover the rest of their meal, it seems they might be tapping into their primal instincts. That’s because cats would typically cover their food in the wild to keep it safe from anything that might try to make the most of their leftovers.

Rolling around

Plenty of us are used to seeing our cats flip and roll all over the floor, especially if they’re welcoming us home, but what are they doing? Many cat owners have learned they like to protect their tummies. By lying on their backs, our cats are telling us they feel comfortable and most likely want some attention. Plus, cats can do this to leave their scent.

Interrupting your work

Working from home can be extra tricky for anyone with a cat as they might find their feline friend soon wants to sleep on the keyboard or rub up against the phone at a moment’s notice. If you wonder why they do this strange behavior, then look no further. It’s actually a compliment, as cats easily get jealous if you’re paying attention to something other than them.

Eating plastic

Cats and plastic often go hand in paw. Although it can be annoying, there are plenty of reasons they like it so much. Most like to chew on things and can use plastic to relieve discomfort in their mouths. Others simply like the feel and noise of the stuff. Still, it’s best to keep it away from your cat as plastic can easily become a choking hazard.

Winking at you

Is your cat trying to flirt when they wink at you? No, but they are talking. This is usually called a cat kiss, as any kind of slow blink or wink means your cat is comfortable and happy in your presence. Try to talk back to your cat by slow blinking in return to let them know you return the sentiment.

The top strangest cat behaviors explained at last sure do answer plenty of questions many cat owners have had about their feline friends. It turns out that cats might be trying to talk to us more than we realized.

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