The Dos And Don’t Of Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Your Pets

 Don’t have a special someone to spend Valentine’s Day with this year? Why not show your pet some love? Even if you do have a partner, there’s never a bad time to remind your animal companion how much they matter to you. Just make sure you follow all the do’s and don’ts to ensure your pet has a safe and happy day.

Do keep your gifts away from them

If you’re in a relationship, the chances are that standard gifts like flowers and chocolates are going to exchange hands. These are excellent gifts for humans, but not so much for animals. After all, chocolates are poisonous for dogs, but they likely won’t hesitate to eat them if given a chance. Flowers, meanwhile, can be quite toxic for birds, cats, and other animals, depending on what they are. To be on the safe side, it’s best to keep gifts like this far away from your pets.

Don’t forget what matters most

Plenty of pets love receiving gifts, especially things like toys and treats. However, that isn’t what matters most to them. Your love and attention mean so much more to your animal companion than something that’s going to be eaten or destroyed in a matter of weeks. So, you might be better off skipping the gifts this year in place of cuddles and walks. These won’t cost you anything – which is ideal if money is tight – and will ensure your pet feels loved this Valentine’s Day.

Do buy gifts that show some thought

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying your pets gifts on this special occasion. If you’ve got the cash to spare and really want to spoil your animal companion rotten, then go ahead. However, to make these gifts more meaningful, it might be worth getting them something other than treats and toys. How about a new collar and leash? If they’ve had their bed for a few years now, why not invest in a new one? The comfort this provides will ensure that your pet feels loved and appreciated. It might also convince them to stay off the sofa if you don’t want them climbing all over the furniture.

Don’t forget the animals without owners

If you’re able to treat your pet every Valentine’s Day, then they’re one lucky animal. They’re far more fortunate than the ones at animal shelters who just want an owner to love them. When you’re not busy giving your dog attention, spare a thought for those without a forever home. Maybe you could donate to a shelter or give up some of your time to volunteer there? The help would definitely be appreciated, and you’d be able to make a lot of animals that little bit happier this Valentine’s Day.

Pets are such an essential part of many people’s lives that there’s no reason not to include them in your Valentine’s celebrations. However, if you are going to treat them this year, just make sure you do so in a way that will truly make them happy. That’s all that really matters.

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