Low-Maintenance Birds Can Make Great Additions To The Family

 Have you ever had one of those days when you want nothing more than a winged friend in your life? You’re not alone. If you’re new to the bird-owning game, then it could be time to look at the low-maintenance birds that can make great additions to the family.


One of the many reasons so many people love budgies is that they often build a strong bond with their caretakers. Although they love attention, budgies are still low-maintenance birds as they can keep themselves occupied a lot of the time, so long as they have a spacious cage with toys and a few hours to spend with their owners each day.



Want a bird but worry about handling them? Amazingly, finches make great additions to the family. All they need are a few cage mates and enough room to fly around. Here, they will have all the socialization they need, meaning you can sit back and enjoy watching their antics.


Want a parrot in a smaller form? Look no further, as lovebirds are just that. Many believe they must be kept in pairs, which they can be, but single birds can also thrive if they have everything they need. Lovebirds simply require a few hours of attention every day to stay happy.

Pionus parrot

Pionus parrots are a little different from other low-maintenance birds as they love to spend time with their owners while also being pretty independent. They can be left alone with their toys for hours, but Pionus parrots need at least a few hours out of their cage every day.


One of the best things about pet doves – other than the fact they’re pretty low-maintenance – is the fact they’re usually so loving toward their caregivers. Doves also know how to entertain themselves, so long as they have some outside cage time each day and get plenty of UV light to get all the vitamin D they need to thrive.


Investing in a cockatiel means you’ll need to dedicate some time to letting them out of their cage each day. However, they will happily stay in their enclosure so long as they’re roomy enough and have plenty of toys to play with throughout the day. Cockatiels are also highly intelligent pets.

Lineolated parakeet

The lineolated parakeet is sometimes confused for a budgie but is actually one of the calmest parrots on the market. They do need a lot of attention from their owners, especially if they don’t have cage friends. However, being so small means they easily slot into most families.


Canaries are actually a type of finch – and are also just as simple when it comes to socializing these pet birds. There are several different types of canaries, each coming with their own care needs. In general, every canary needs plenty of room to fly and a selection of toys.

Low-maintenance birds can make great additions to the family, especially as they are often easier to care for and entertain than other pet birds on the


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