How To Tell If Your Cat Is Happy

 If there is one thing many owners have found themselves asking, it’s: is my pet happy? Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to tell if your cat is happy and having a good time – or that something in their lives or routines needs to change.

Being interested usually means cats are happy

There’s a good chance that most owners will get used to what type of cat they’ve welcomed into their lives. Some are more confident than others, but it’s always important to see if a cat is being curious and cautious, not scared. The former means they’re still happy; they just need a moment to get used to a new person or thing, while the latter could mean they need some help to relax.

Body language means a lot to cats

A relaxed cat is usually a happy cat, but how can someone tell? One of the first things to do is look at their body language. If their feet are tucked under like a loaf, and their eyes are looking sleepy, then it usually means your cat is happy. If their eyes are diluted and wide or their ears are back, there’s a good chance our cats are upset or excited.

Cats will play when they’re content

There’s a good chance that if your cat is playing, then your cat is happy. That’s because cats would rather hide and see out the situation if they’re unhappy than relax and play with their toys and humans. Sometimes, getting a toy or chaser out could be all your cat needs to help relax.

Their meows say a lot

Did you know that a cat’s meow can say a lot about their mood? Of course, not all cats are the same. Some will meow to say they’re happy and when they’re excited. Other quieter cats will meow when there is something wrong, meaning we might have to learn what type of cat our feline friend is. If you hear your cat purring, there’s a good chance they’re content.

Good grooming habits are a good sign

Cats who feel comfortable and happy will almost always look after their fur and keep themselves groomed. On the other hand, those who are injured or unhappy might not groom themselves. This could go one step further if your cat decides to groom you, showing they really do care about their human.

Sleeping cats mean happy cats

It’s always important to keep an eye on your cat and how much they’re sleeping to ensure that nothing is wrong. However, it’s not just the length of their snooze – where they sleep can also say a lot about their mood. If your cat sleeps in your bed or the same room as you, then it’s a great sign, as they only sleep around the ones they trust.

Learning how to tell if your cat is happy might be as simple as picking up a few habits and tell-tale signs that give away their mood. They might not say it, but most cats sure know how to say it.

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