How To Get Your Bird Home If They Escape


Birds, like many animals, make for great pets. However, when left alone around open doors and windows, there’s a good chance they’ll fly away. This can be dangerous for domesticated birds who aren’t accustomed to living outdoors. That’s why it pays to know how to respond when one escapes.

Send out a search party immediately

When a bird flies away, time is of the essence. You need to respond immediately by searching the surrounding area for any sign of the animal. It’s worth having people familiar with the bird help you do this because a larger search party can cover more ground. Make sure everyone focuses their attention on trees, poles, and other places where a bird is likely to perch. Moreover, ensure that anyone assisting you with this task has nets or light towels that they can use to stop the animal from escaping again if found.

Dress in colorful clothing

An outfit change might seem inappropriate when your bird is missing. However, if your clothes are pretty muted, it’s worth taking a couple of minutes to throw something more colorful on. That’s because your bird is unlikely to recognize their home from the outside, so they need something to focus on. The brighter you are, the easier you are to see, giving your bird a greater chance of spotting you. Once they notice you and see you’re a familiar face, there’s a better chance they’ll come toward you.

Make their cage appealing

While you’re out searching, there’s a possibility that your bird will find its way back to your house. However, it won’t necessarily know which building it actually belongs in. That’s why it’s worth filling their cage with plenty of their favorite treats. Having this stuff nearby is also worthwhile as it essentially gives the bird a breadcrumb trail to follow. Another good idea is placing the cage wherever the animal escaped from. So, if they flew out the bedroom window, put the cage there, as this may increase the chances of them getting back safely.

Call out familiar sounds

Sound is a great way to entice your bird back home, especially if there are certain sounds your pet is familiar with. For instance, their name or any phrases you regularly say to them are good things to call out during your search. Music that you frequently play in the house is also a good idea.

Report them as missing

The longer that your bird is missing, the more at risk they’ll be from things like starvation and dehydration. As their condition worsens, the animal is likely to fly towards any human regardless of if they know them or not. That’s why it’s worth reporting the bird as missing. That way, if something like this does happen, there’s a better chance that a stranger will recognize the animal and help bring them home.

When a pet goes missing, it can really put you through the wringer. If you follow these tips, though, you stand the best chance of being reunited with your beloved avian companion.

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