How to Create an Outdoor Enclosure for Your Tortoises

 Tortoises are great additions to the family. They are full of personality and character, despite the fact that they look like pet rocks. Here’s how to create an outdoor enclosure for your tortoises.

The size

The size of your enclosure all depends on the size of your tortoises – and how many you want to keep in one space. Tortoises up to four inches long often benefit from four-foot-by-eight-foot enclosures. In contrast, larger tortoises enjoy pens around ten-foot-by-twenty-foot. Bigger is usually better when creating their home. Just be sure that you don’t go overboard with smaller tortoises.

The materials

There are so many materials that you can use to create an outdoor enclosure. Any wood that is safe for humans is safe for tortoises, too. However, you can also opt for brick, stone, metal, concrete, fiberglass, or a combination of various materials. It all depends on the look that you want and what your tortoise might like.

The placement

So, you’ve got everything that you need, and now you’re wondering where to build your outdoor enclosure? Make sure that it’s somewhere out of the public’s view. You may need to add a privacy fence around your yard to keep people’s prying eyes out. It’s also a good idea to build the enclosure somewhere that it can be seen from the house, such as in the backyard outside the kitchen window.

Building the enclosure

There are two crucial things to remember when building an outdoor enclosure for your tortoises: dig deep and add a roof. Tortoises can dig pretty far when they’re left to their own devices. It’s best to make sure the walls of your enclosure go at least 12 inches into the ground and secured in place. Adding a roof prevents any accidental escapes and keeps out any other animals.

Adding some heat

Some people prefer to let their tortoises outdoors during the day or in the summer, However, if you want to leave your tortoise outside all year long, then you’ll likely need to add some heat. The same goes for your typical indoor enclosure. You need to add a strong enough heat lamp that your tortoise can access whenever they get a little cold.

The finishing touches

Before adding your tortoise to their new outdoor enclosure, be sure to make sure there are no unwanted or harmful plants they can access. This is also a chance to add in some tunnels and hides for them to enjoy. These will also help your tortoise feel safe when they want to get away. Also, make sure that you add a bowl of freshwater – or you could even build a small pond for your tortoise to enjoy if they are large enough.

There are so many benefits to letting your tortoises enjoy some outdoor time. Whether you want a place for them to enjoy in the day or you want to build a permanent space for your shelled friend, learning how to create an outdoor enclosure for your tortoises is a great way to keep them happy.

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