How To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Your Pet Dog

 To some, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t that big of a deal. To others, it’s an occasion worth celebrating. If you’re one of the latter, you’ll probably want to make the most of the special day. However, if you have a dog, you’ll likely want to ensure that everything you do on St. Patrick’s Day will help them have a good time too.

Dress them in green

If people associate one color with St. Patrick’s Day, it’s probably green. Anywhere that’s celebrating this occasion will likely look like the Emerald City on March 17. It’s for that reason that you might want to consider dressing your dog up in the appropriate color. If they’re not one for outfits, you don’t need to go full-on. A handkerchief or something around their collar will show off their festive spirit just as effectively.

Take some photos

If your dog dresses up for St. Patrick’s Day, you can’t end the day without hundreds of photos of them looking adorable. Why not create a miniature photo studio for the day where you can take all sorts of creative snaps of your canine companion? Even better, ask your friends to bring their dogs over and make a day of it. If you get some great photos, they’re a keepsake you and your pals can treasure forever.

Attend a parade

All dogs are different, which means that what some find off-putting, others will love. If your pet pooch is one that enjoys people and doesn’t mind a lot of noise, they may have a great time at a St. Patrick’s Day parade. There will be plenty of people there to show them some love and help them get into the party spirit. Just be wary if the parade is particularly busy or if your dog appears distressed at any point; you might not want to devote too much of your day to this activity.

Host your own dog walking event

If the local St. Patrick’s Day parade is too much for your dog, why not just host your own event? By getting some fellow dog owners together, you can mark the occasion with your canine companions by going for a walk somewhere quiet and scenic. Consider posting about it online and seeing if a lot of people are interested. You might get quite the turnout for your event, which will give your dog plenty of others to play with on the walk.

Invite some friends over

If you want your celebrations to be a little more intimate, why not just ask a few friends over instead? If they all have dogs, the animals can play together while you enjoy some drinks and good music from the comfort of your home. Hosting the get-together in a safe environment will be good for both of you, especially if you plan on enjoying yourself.

Whether you’re passionate about St. Patrick or just love any excuse for a party, St. Patrick’s Day is a day worth celebrating. If not for yourself, do it for your dog.

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