Everything To Know About Feeding Your Guinea Pig

 Understanding what food to feed your pet is essential. After all, they can’t be healthy if you don’t give them what they need, right? If you’re new to owning a certain pet, though, it’s understandable why you might know what they crave. So, here’s everything to know about feeding your guinea pig.

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Guinea pigs are herbivores, so fruit and vegetables are a must for their diet

Perhaps the most crucial thing to remember about guinea pigs is that they are herbivores. Feeding them stuff like meat or dairy won’t go down a treat with these animals. Instead, you want to prioritize fruits and vegetables. Things like bananas, blueberries, parsley, watermelon, and tomatoes are all good foods for your guinea pig. Having plenty of these in the kitchen should mean that your cuddly rodent never goes hungry.

Guinea pigs don’t produce vitamin C, so you need to provide extra

Something to consider with feeding your guinea pig is how much vitamin C is in the food you give them. Unfortunately, guinea pigs don’t produce this vitamin, so if it’s not present in what they eat, there’s a risk they might develop scurvy. The good news is that there are tons of foods high in vitamin C that are perfect for your little herbivore. So, as long as these form a regular part of your pet’s diet, you shouldn’t need to worry.

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Hay is essential for feeding your guinea pig to help with their teeth

You might think that a constant supply of fruits and vegetables is enough to keep your guinea pigs satisfied. However, that’s not true. It turns out that guinea pig teeth don’t stop growing, so it pays to have something fibrous for them to chew. Hay fits the bill here, which is why it’s worth providing a steady supply of this too. Otherwise, you may need to worry about dealing with your pet’s dental problems.

Store-bought pellets are also an option to feed your guinea pig

Plenty of pets live off of store-bought food, and guinea pigs can be the same. There are pellets out there that are specially formulated for guinea pigs to give them all the nutrients they need. However, it’s still worth providing them with fresh fruits and vegetables, which you can just leave in their cage and dispose of at the start of every day.

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You shouldn’t feed guinea pigs certain foods because they’re toxic

Guinea pigs make excellent pets, especially if you live in an apartment. However, just as with any other pet, you have to make sure that they don’t do things they shouldn’t. This includes keeping them away from certain foods. Things like grapes, coconuts, onions, raisins, and garlic are all apparently toxic for these animals. Steer clear of this stuff, as well as most human food that isn’t classed as a fruit or vegetable.

Hopefully, with this, you’re aware of everything to know about feeding your guinea pig. As long as you keep the essentials in mind, you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping your pet happy and healthy.

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