All The Reasons Your Cat Might Be Losing Weight

 Many pet owners will do anything they can to ensure their four-legged friend is as healthy as can be. Sound familiar? Here are all the reasons your cat might be losing weight and how to spot the signs that something could be wrong.


Several cat owners want to ensure their cat is as calm as possible, especially as too much stress can lead to them losing weight. Cats are great at hiding any issues, meaning we might have to keep a close eye on our furry friends to ensure they are as happy as can be. If your cat might be losing weight and there are no other physical signs, it might be time to think about anything that could have caused them stress.


Did you know that cats can develop diabetes? This means it’s vital to ensure our cats get a balanced diet to guarantee they are as healthy as possible. If you notice that your car is hungrier than usual, thirstier, is using the bathroom more often, or is losing weight, then you might want to get them checked out. Amazingly, some cats will revert back to normal after a few months of changes and treatment.

Chronic kidney disease

Senior cats may show signs of chronic kidney disease, such as weight loss. Kidneys are a vital organ for most creatures, and something wrong can lead to various health issues. Another sign of chronic kidney disease in cats is increased thirst and loss of appetite that quickly leads to dropping weight. The condition can usually be managed through medication and lifestyle changes.

Gastrointestinal issues

Any gastrointestinal issues are likely to affect our cat’s weight. A reduced appetite is usually the first sign, quickly followed by weight loss. There can be any number of issues that might be detected by a vet, but a full examination and diagnosis mean a professional can create a plan to get our cat’s health back on track.

Dental issues

Any type of dental issue can make it challenging for our cats to eat, meaning they could lose weight as a result. Tooth fractures, disease, or cuts are common issues and can often be spotted by eagle-eyed owners. Anything like excessive drooling, bleeding, pawing at the face, or bad breath may also be signs that something is wrong with your cat’s mouth and causing them to lose weight.


Hyperthyroidism is more common in cats than many realize. It’s a common condition among older cats and means they produce too much thyroid hormone. Signs usually include weight loss, as well as drinking and using the bathroom more than usual. Some cats even show other physical symptoms, such as having a greasy or unkempt coat. Thankfully, hyperthyroidism can be treated with medication or radioactive iodine.

There are plenty of reasons your cat might be losing weight, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end for our furry friends. In fact, there are plenty of ways to combat weight loss in cats to get them back to full health.

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